Here are two reviews of the Harry Potter movie that opened last night in South Africa.  One will likely be helpful.  And here is Freddie’s:

 Kind of a spoiler but it is not the type of review you would take too seriously.

Thank you Uncle Bobby for those kind words… Anyways Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was the final installment in the Harry Potter film series. I will not spoil the movie so I shall replace vital points with a *blank*. Who would think that *blank* *blank* would die at the end of the movie!? *blank* being the *blank* character and dying just shows us how twisted and diabolic the communist film industry is!  One of the notable parts in the film occurs when a certain *blank* headed boy finally kisses his huge crush throughout the series.  Well I’m distracted by my Uncle *blank* Longobucco chomping and crushing his salad greens like a very old dog with a bone, while out of breath… I hope you found this review helpful! I know I didn’t! Bye! Freddie Blogehrer.



The Harry Potter part 2 movie was alright. I didnt think that most parts of the movie was made and directed the way I had expected it to be since I had read the book twice and the ending a third time but i belived that it was still worth the wait in line.   The movie was kind of cool in a way from finding out secrets about the characters that end up helping Harry’s attempt to defeat Volemort and to know the hatered between James (Harry’s Father) and Professer Snape and the relationship between Lilly (Harry’s Mother) and Professer Snape.  I was very happy about Ron and Hermione finally making the move of love, Nevel Longbottem finding the courage he always had and Mrs. Weasly finishing off a important deatheater! .The acting was good, it was a great ending to a amazing movie series and didnt get cheesy around the 3rd, 4th, 5th, movie.  I would recomend seeing this movie!

– Helen Conroy (couldn’t fit “blog” in my name)




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