Well I found the DW40 and got the blog machine working again.

I thought it would be difficult to resume the blog after witnessing so many beautiful and exotic events in South Africa.  How would I share the mundane life of a parish priest?  How can you keep him on the farm after seeing the lights of Durban?  In truth, I came home to a host of drama in my backyard.  A tragedy at a lake, parishioners facing difficult times, families losing loved ones and people from the parish I care for and respect passing away.  I had joked that all I wanted to do when I returned from Africa was to bore people to tears with stories from my trip.  Instead I became instantly immersed in the stories of strangers and friends whose struggle was as challenging as I had seen overseas.

I expected to come back to sense a world of contrast.  Instead, I came home to discover that the strength and beauty I had blessed by in Africa was just as present back home.  There were communities that gathered and meals cooked and fellowship shared.  There were stories told and gratefulness overflowing.  Perhaps the great gift of Africa was to re-sensitize me to all the beauty that surrounds me.  A gift that not only revealed the differences of culture but also the underlying and universal goodness of the humanity.  So I will devote myself to recognize and contribute to the ubantu (sense of connectedness in a community) and thanksgiving at home and as a priest.  And we shall not let our hearts be troubled.