It was hot… It was very hot… The busiest person in town would have been dog catcher if there were one.  Dogs roamed lazily through the streets with very little care for new people or automobiles.  Leash laws appear to be still in the distant future in Cuana…It was very, very hot.  A well-meaning soul suggested we bring a light blanket and a windbreaker.  Looking at them made me even hotter… The seemingly lunar landscape, the stray dogs and tethered donkeys did not make it an ideal place to run.  Every step I walked seemed to beckon a sprained ankle.  So none of us went running.  Besides it would have seemed very strange in the village.  And I am not sure I have mentioned this, but it was hot… Some people might think that traveling with teenagers might prove challenging.  It is true that one kid began the trip with a miserable cold.  And one kid had trouble boarding the flight to Mexico City from Atlanta.  And one kid had bug bites so severe that her friend (as only a friends would) told others she suffered from a flesh eating bacteria.  And for one kid, there was not record of her flight from Mexico City to Acapulco.  And this one kid was Olivia Golden.  And the fact that she allowed none of this to dampen her spirits or wipe her wonderful smile off her face was amazing… I thanked the people on Saturday night for their warm welcome.  After Giorgio translated for me, I then fanned myself and said “Mui caliente.”  First Spanish punch line!… I left my heart and three pounds of sweat in Cuana.