When my daughter Kelsey mentioned going on the Mexican pilgrimage to our sister parish, my first thought was that we would never be able to pull it off and get away for 6 days. With
much support from my husband we were able to commit to the trip. I was so
excited to  be able to make this trip with my daughter. I honestly had no idea
what to expect and was feeling a little  nervous. I wasn’t sure what I could
contribute to this trip but left for Mexico with an open mind and heart.

Once we arrived. I was immediately struck by the warmth of Father Graziano . The
kindness and generosity of the 4 P.I.M.E. priests we met immediately put me at
ease. The total dedication to the people of the village was awesome to witness.
It is a devotion without the distractions of modern life that we know at home.
The people welcomed us   and the children overwhelmed us with their affection
and excitement.  Seeing the work that the P.I.M.E. missionaries and our parish
have done for the people made me feel so proud to be  Catholic and part of this
work in progress.  In a few short days we went from  smiling at each other
from a church pew, to literally being hand in hand. The generosity of those who
have so little was something I never expected and something I will never forget.

I am trying to hold onto everything. All that I saw, all that I  heard, all
that I  felt. I hope that the stories of our we bring home strengthen our
relationship with our sister parish and I am hoping that we can find more
tangible ways to help their community. I certainly left feeling like the world
was a little smaller and that one person can make a difference, but that a
whole community can make great change. I am more thankful than ever to be part
of this community that has had the perseverance to develop a relationship with a
small village thousands of miles away.