30th Sunday in Ordinary Time B
When Jesus asks without presumption what the blind man wants, Bartimaeus responds, “Master, I want to see.” As we conclude Respect Life month, let us ask the Lord to remove our blindness. “Lord I want to see.”

“Lord I want to see” the dignity of every person you created in beauty.
“Lord I want to see” as you do with compassion and mercy for every person.
“Lord I want to see” and not turn away from the pain of others.
“Lord I want to see” without the blindness of racism, homophobia and xenophobia.
“Lord I want to see” each person as made in your image.
“Lord I want to see” peace blossom where war terrifies and kills.
“Lord I want to see” every young girl around the world receive an education.
“Lord I want to see” every impoverished child have food to eat to nourish dreams as bold as anyone else’s.
“Lord I want to see” the courage of the immigrant seeking to save their family from hunger and violence.
“Lord I want to see” an unborn child not as a political issue but as a beautiful blessing filled with grace and unending potential.
“Lord I want to see” a worker receive a just wage and safe conditions as a human right.
“Lord I want to see” houses of worship free from terror so that at least some places remains sacred.
“Lord I want to see” the refugee with sympathy and not fear.
“Lord I want to see” those who speak truth to power protected.
“Lord I want to see” leaders who serve the people, not themselves.
“Lord I want to see” those at war in far away places and in very near families and serve as a peacemaker so that we all may be God’s children.
“Lord I want to see” our brothers and sisters in faith free to worship without terroristic threats.
“Lord I want to see” every student be safe in their school.
“Lord I want to see” the violence of guns muzzled.
“Lord I want to see” those with mental illness live without stigma and honored for their struggle.
“Lord I want to see” dignity in every death in God’s time, the most noble time.
“Lord I want to see” the meek and all those unjustly deprived inherit the land.
“Lord I want to see” every person welcomed in every church.
“Lord I want to see” people in every land determine their government and not suffer under the scourge of tyranny.
“Lord I want to see” each person receive healthcare regardless of wealth for what is the value of life without being able to live it.
“Lord I want to see” God’s creation cherished for what it is: the first sign of divine grace.
“Lord I want to see” every child of every race have the same chance.
“Lord I want to see” no one hurt again by ignorant words and hateful attitudes.
“Lord I want to see” the disabled be known for their abilities.
“Lord I want to see” every family valued as the heart of society.
“Lord I want to see” those persecuted for the sake of righteousness have their reward a little earlier.
“Lord I want to see” you in the hungry, the thirsting, the homeless, the imprisoned, the stranger and the ill.
“Lord I want to see” the hidden brokenness in my neighbor so that I may be a healer.
“Lord I want to see” every life respected from conception to natural death.
“Lord I want to see” the walls of oppression come tumbling down.
“Lord I want to see” your peace BE with all people.

And of course the Lord granted the request of blind Bartimaeus so that he could see and then told him to go on his way. Now with sight, Bartimaeus could follow his own path. And the path he chose was to follow Jesus to see even more. Let us follow as well. “Lord I want to see.”